This 8 week program designed for all fitness levels; whether you are a CrossFit athlete looking to shake up your training or to build more capacity, to endurance athletes looking to add specific strength and conditioning to increase power, stamina, agility and flexibility. Classes will meet 2-3 times a week, and participants will be coached through a strength piece as well as an endurance piece, or a strict endurance piece. At least 2 workouts will include lifting, using the main power lifts – the deadlift, squat and press, as well as their variations, and Olympic lifts, the clean and Jerk and the snatch, with the second half of the class focusing on an endurance or conditioning piece, and 1-2 classes will focus on strict endurance. The endurance work will include the use of running, bikes, rowers and ski erg. Workouts will constantly vary, regardless of modality. Skills will be taught as well, with a run form clinic included in the class. Participants will also be able to take advantage of the sponsor discounts who are supporting the program. This is a great opportunity to try something new, and have fun along the way. The class will be run by coach Guy Petruzzelli, who has extensive experience in both the world of CrossFit and endurance.

Meet Coach Guy

  • Professional Duathlete
  • Level 2 CrossFit Trainer
  • Power Speed Endurance Coach
  • POSE Method Run Coach
  • Precision Nutrition Coach
  • Over 55 professional race wins
  • Over 20 course records
  • Team USA member 1994-1995, 2006-2009


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Private Endurance Coaching: Coach Guy offers individualized 1:1 coaching.

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Member Rate: $150 for 8 week program

Non-Member Rate: $300 for 8 week program

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“Before I decided to work with Guy, I had sort of hit a plateau in my endurance training with no real goal in mind or specific path to follow. I was working on building my endurance with graduated increase in mileage on the rower and bike, but with no real feeling that gains were being made in my overall performance.

Guy sat down with me to go over my specific goals which I identified as becoming a high level indoor rower as well as a goal of competing in a bike/swim competition. Within a couple days, he had a spreadsheet developed for my first week which entailed baseline testing for biking and rowing performance. Within 6 weeks of specific tempo training, HR monitoring, and endurance specific strength work, I was able to row a top 50 time in the USA on the Concept rower for the 5k row. This was very exciting for me. I was also feeling more confident controlling my breathing as well as my pace on the bike and rower.

With re-testing at 8 weeks, I had shaved almost 2 minutes off my 5k row and 3 minutes off my 5 mile bike. Guy has really been able to take my training to the next level. Seeing results along the way has been amazing, and I am excited to see what the future holds as we continue.”



“My idea of the perfect workout is short – think 10 minutes or less, speedy, light barbells, medium skill level (pull-ups!) and maybe a 100m sprint (…if I must).    I dreaded the longer workouts that included a lot of rowing/biking/running, but did them because they were “good for me”. Despite doing them, I wasn’t getting any better at them.   To get past that mental barrier, and to get better at the daily workouts I talked to Guy who convinced me to sign up for the Endurance Program. An Endurance Program sounded to me like something you’d do to run a 10K or Triathlon, but I couldn’t have been more wrong.  This program included a lot of interval training, breath work, and pacing drills that have significantly improved performance in daily workouts. The Program workouts typically lasted only 30-45 minutes (plus warm up/cool down), they were easy to add to the regular class schedule, and feedback was quick.  Having completed a session of Endurance, I have better strategies for approaching longer work, I have a much better gauge on the pacing I can, and should hit, times have improved, and feel more comfortable being uncomfortable in a workout.”

– Melissa G.