“We believe that RECOVERY is a major part of fitness, without it we are incapable of achieving a high level of performance and are more susceptible to injury. At Recover RX our therapists are equipped with an injury preventative mindset. By working hand in hand with our coaching staff, they are able to properly diagnosis and treat athletes with the goal of getting them back to performing at their highest fitness level in the shortest amount of time.”

Dr. Luke Greenwell



Dr. Luke Greenwell has a strong background in treating the injured athlete both orthopedically and post-concussion. He is passionate about returning patients to the sport or activity they love. He is trained in Dartfish video gait analysis and has extensive continuing education in running analysis and rehab. He is currently participating in a post-doctorate certification to become a certified spinal manual therapist. He is dedicated to promoting overall health and wellness.


  • Free Injury Screenings for all CFIF Members
  • Basic Injury Screening
  • Injury, Physical Evaluation and/or Movement Impairment Screening
  • Physical Therapy Treatment
  • Instrument Assisted Soft Tissue Mobilization
  • Dry Needling
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