What will I do during a CrossFit Lite/Bootcamp class?

Our 45 minute classes are designed to burn fat, build muscle and increase endurance. Using body weight, balls, boxes, dumbbells, kettle bells, jump ropes, resistance bands, rings, rowers and bikes – each class incorporates a guided warm up, a strength element, and a higher intensity workout. We scale all movements  (meaning, we simplify movements, drop or add weight, or adjust intensity to meet your needs) and change programming daily (meaning, you will not get bored) so that all individuals can participate, work at their own level, set their own goals and work to achieve their best fitness potential! CF Lite is for ALL fitness levels! Whether you are a seasoned CrossFit athlete looking to build your engine or have never been inside a CrossFit gym, this class is for you!

You do NOT need to attend the “Elements” program or a “No Sweat Session” to take CrossFit Lite/Bootcamp classes. In addition, NO sign-up or waitlist headaches for any our classes – you can ALWAYS drop-in!

What our athletes say:

“I love how the programming changes daily so it never feels boring. The hour goes by so fast!

“CF Lite is an incredible workout – nothing like anything I have ever done. I’m definitely getting stronger and have already lost 5 pounds!”

“I was very nervous for my first class and intimidated to walk into a CrossFit gym…everyone here is so friendly and welcoming! It has such a fun, unique vibe too! I love how the garage doors are open in the nice weather and we get outside during our workouts.”

“Don’t let the “Lite” fool you, this class is not easy! The class is designed so that what you put into it, is what you get out of it. If you want an incredible workout, you want to see your body change, you want to learn to love working out – come to CF Lite. It is just the right mix of challenging and fun!”

“Games and relay races…it just makes me feel young again! I (heart) CF Lite!”

“It is the first time in my adult life that I feel like I am part of a team again…like an athlete going to practice instead of a mom going to exercise class! I love it.”

Karen Trayser, Owner/Head Coach

  • CrossFit L-1
  • First Aid/CPR/AED (American Red Cross)

Why do you enjoy coaching CF Lite? 
I love to see my members achieve their goals. I like helping people get fit and feel good about their health.

Outside of CrossFit, what do you do to stay fit?
Yoga, swimming, volleyball and trying to keep up with my 4 kids.

What’s your favorite sport?
Soccer – I played through college and have coached youth teams for many years.

Favorite Quote?
“Most people have no idea how good their body is designed to feel.”

Why should I come to CrossFit Iron Flag and try CF Lite?
I guarantee that you are going to have fun, realize that you were intimidated for no reason, and truly love the people here! It’s a great class and great community!


4 Class Monthly – $59
6 Class Monthly – $79
Unlimited Classes – $119/$139
8 Class Punch Card (3 month expiration) – $150
Drop In Rate – $20
CrossFit Iron Flag/CrossFit Lemont Member Drop In Rate – $10
***Memberships can be used at all CF Lite Athletics Locations
***30 days written notice to cancel all memberships


Contact CF Lite Athletics/Karen Trayser at 708.878.3371 or email 

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